Hello, This Is Tiffany^^

Nice To Meet U All^^

I’m Cassiopeia Since 2006, I Can’t Deny That TVXQ/JYJ Have Made Huge Change In My Life

They are My Life…. They Became The Reason I Live For

Never Ever Even For 1Sec I Regretted Being Cassiopeia…. Proud Cassiopeia 4Ever

I Wanna Publish Love Of Dong Bang Through This Blog, I Will Make It As Huge Gallery Of My Angels, I Will Start From The Beginning Of Their Journey^^

I Won’t Upload Any New News, I’ll Upload Everything Related To TVXQ&JYJ

From A To Z (Scans, Photos, Videos, Translations, Info) did I Forgot Anything??? Hehehe

Everything As A Cassiopeia U Can Imagine, I Hope U Can Found It Here ^^

Through My Posts If There Was Any Mistake, Please Tell Me

Nearly 90% Of Photos & Videos Are Not Mine, They Have Their Respective Owners So I Promise As I Can I’ll Properly Give Credits^^

Cassiopeia (15)


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