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☆Park Yoochun☆Chapter01

→Real Name: Park Yoochun ☆ 박유천 ☆ 秘奇有天♥

→Stage Name: Micky Yoochun ☆ 믹키유천 ☆ ユチョン ☆ 朴有天♥

→ Birth Date: 04 June 1986♥

→ Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea♥

→ Height: 180cm        Weight: 64kg      Blood Type: O♥

→ Star Sign: Gemini♥

→ Position: Rapper, Mid-Low Vocalist, Lead Vocalist♥

→ Label:

2003-2010 SM Entertainment

2005-2010 Avex Trax

2010-Present C-Jes Entertainment

→ Profession: Boy Band Member, Singer, Actor, Composer, Model, Songwriter♥

→ Military Dates:

Enlisted: 27 August 2015

Discharged: August 2017

→ Education: Kyung-Hee University, Post Modern Music Major♥

→ Hobbies: Piano, Composing, Guitar, Driving, Basketball, Singing♥

→ Favorite Number: 0♥

→ Favorite Food : Edamame, Jaejoong’s Kimichi♥

→ Favorite Color: White♥

→ Favorite Sport: Basketball♥

Source: Wikipedia & Soompi & DramaWiki & JYJ3

Credit&Sharing: JYJShinki.Wordpress


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